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Φ110/160mm Condensing Flue CE11-LN-1
1. Specializing in the production of gas wall-mounted boiler smoke pipes, elbows, extensions, etc., and can provide original sets of standard overall smoke pipes of various brands 2. Regular stocking size: Diameter: 60 / 100mm, 80 / 125mm, Length: 20cm, 30cm, 50cm, 80cm, 100cm, Angle: 90 degrees, 45 degrees, etc. Can customize products according to customer requirements 3. Color: Milky white 4. Connection method: Hoop or Plug-in connection 5. Material: Conventional smoke pipe: inner pipe material --- welded aluminum, outer pipe material --- galvanized iron sprayed or welded aluminum sprayed Condensing smoke pipe: inner pipe material --- PP plastic, outer pipe material --- galvanized iron sprayed or welded aluminum sprayed 6. Installation recommendations: 1.It is recommended that the tobacco pipe be tilted down 5 degrees when installed (1) It can prevent rainwater from flowing back into the machine along the smoke pipe when it rains (2) The exhaust fumes may be slightly downward in case of cold condensation, which is conducive to the elimination of condensation. 2.It is recommended that the total length of the tobacco pipe and the extension section not exceed 3 meters. (1) If the exhaust pipe is too long, the backflow will affect the boiler https://www.chinaflue.com/product/%cf%86110160mm-condensing-flue/%cf%86110-160mm-condensing-flue-ce11-ln-1.html
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11.06.2020 (333 Days Ago)
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Φ110/160mm Condensing Flue CE11-LN-1