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The doctor said leukemia known as blood cancer , is a very serious blood disease , severe enough to take away people's lives , although the medicine has overcome leukemia , but even the expected risk surgical risk is still high , the high cost of treatment , and a long course of treatment , the patient needs to have excellent mental state actively cooperate . Faced with such bad luck , while parents to comfort me , he is thinking of ways to help raise money to cure me , they always put the strongest side left me sad and helpless tears flowing on one side only secretly . Relatives, friends , the unit gave me brought comfort and help , but the face of the high cost of treatment , they are only a fraction of financial support , I have also thought of giving up treatment, because I do not want to bear such a large elderly parents economic pressures . But my father's word I completely changed my mind. Father said to me: Son, your mother and I are selling organs should save your life , you are alive is our greatest hope.replica hermes belts It is this sentence makes me a firm confidence in the face of illness: Yes, I'm still young , I have to live, I have a better future , I want to honor their parents, rewards people who helped me in this full of warmth and love of the community ...... I'm lying on the affiliated Zhongshan City , Zhongshan hospital bed , to all the good people on social assistance , hoping to help this young man , I want to live, I beg you , help me to help people : ! Wang Lin Mobile: 139233452792012.6.19 According to the Finance magazine reported that some Belt Replica local government officials do not favor the so-called boycott , they are worried about the spread of this irrational emotions , will lead to some Japanese companies more sensitive to accelerate the withdrawal of Replica Belt , and allow Japanese companies to invest in Replica Belt will reduce , or even bring a series of ripple effects of foreign investment , the ultimate victims will be the economy and employment -related areas. currently , Japanese companies in Replica Belt there are more than 20,000 in employment in Replica Belt Huari attract direct and indirect foreign-funded enterprises in more than 10 million in the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands issue , the Belt Replica government 's attitude clear and resolute

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replica hermes belts It is this sentence makes