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Excuse me, drik axious , Lida seemed wrog thigs childre, said timidly . othig is . Thak you , said this time, Hui eyes a little red , because Lida was all for their ow falle , a ma let a girl protectio, multi o face ah. At this poit, a little remorse Hui heart , but also play my heart like this girl , eve though the itetio from the Hui also said that he is always maitaied distace with Lida , Hui was a more resposible perso of the family . I'm goig to give you to get a drik , Lida struggled to sit up , but the head is still very dizzy ad wat to vomit . Hui hads hold her body , ad said , Do ot move, I kow the taste of druk , gucci belts replica you're still lyig dow, despite what you eed to say . Lida a soft body , ad lay dow. Hui has got to go hoey. Because heard people say , hoey hagover fuctio , he also tried several times , what he does ot kow there is o effect , but the psychological effect is still there. Soo, he brought a cup of hoey water, so Lida drik , beig this time, Hui phoe to thik of it , do ot look Hui kow this is defiitely a fight over the raibow , whe he received bad , do ot take it well, you must pick up the lie , but this is ot his persoality , do ot take it, replica hermes belts go back ad certaily missed quarrel , which is more sesitive , especially after busybodies ad outgoig Hui Lig scadal . Hui hesitated oly a momet , put the phoe pich , ayway, it's goig o , big deal back the the Cold War days. Hui Lig is home Yigai uaware of these cases , also strogly motioed Hui aswer the phoe, util you see Hui Qiadiao phoe, she still kept sayig do ot mess thigs up . Telecom Tower o the clock ewspaper report 0:00 , fake gucci belts whe Hui somewhat believe toight fake gucci belt just feel the time off really fast . He several times the idea of movig back home , but to see Lida druke appearace, but also worried about ot bear to go , so pull up a bee . Lida Shuixiag look good . Messy messy hair look very lady corset , brought back the desire Hui , Hui approached her a few times , ad have stopped, he kew it was a positio of vulerability , which is ot a getlema . So , o the sofa ext to him Zuodao bee comig daw , ridig Lida still sleepig quietly away. We just might be too ivested sake , util I ra flyig boat to float whe Jiag She 1 has left the dock. I had watched it o the river ito the ceter of the fairway. At this time, the bees also ra dow. Said to me : You do ot thik it is a act of God , go agai tomorrow seems really God . I ad the bees go ashore , ready to call Aqig pier , hopig the boat to Aqig time , be able to take dow my luggage . I destroyed from the bees, walked to the maria office. Wait util this issue is resolved, the sky is already late. Bees with me to fid a home i Hakou hotel stay . The hotel is a sack out of the two of us asked for a sack , drik some beer. But witer beer was a major feature of Wuha . That day arrived i Wuha , pick comrades took me to dier o the poit of beer, thik of the way to be froze , the I saw the beer shiverig . But a few days off actually will adapt . Eviromet really chage people . Bees face after drikig look better, more attractive. Ofte read like watchig people sittig aroud her , this time a bit lost feelig safe . However, I still kept bees to accompay me to drik, drak three bottles of each perso , the bees stick drik , ad to be hoest , this time I drik about it , I just feel a little head swirlig . After dier , the bees wat to go back .

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