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This is the third week of French-American president by telephone to discuss the Syrian issue. According to French media reports, Hollande reaffirmed the need to punish the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian government , and told Obama he had decided on September 4th special session convened by the French Parliament , debate on Syria . Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 31st to the outside world , said on the Syrian government forces used chemical weapons allegations totally illogical and nonsensical , and some people believe this is a provocation and urged the United States to the United Nations Security Council evidence presented allegations . Putin said the United States claimed that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons , claiming they have evidence , but they keep this information confidential , can not produce the evidence to anyone , it can not withstand scrutiny . Putin pointed out that the U.S. does not produce evidence that is not respecting the international community and partners , if there is evidence , then ask them to submit to the UN Security Council . If there is no evidence as a basis, you can not use force against a sovereign state . August 26 , Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to accept Russian Izvestia reporters , who elaborated on the real use of chemical weapons , Western politicians declared military intervention in Syria and the situation in Russia, why should help the Syrian people and other issues. Assad said: With the Soviet Union , Russia, the United States thought it was forever destroyed. But after Vladimir Putin , Russia has become increasingly firmly defend their position, followed by the emergence of a new Cold War . Russia Why Syria ? Russia today is not the protection of President Bashar al- Assad , fake hermes belt Russia is defending the independence and non-interference in the internal affairs . In addition, Russia is still defending their regional interests , which is its right . These benefits are not limited to Tartous Port . Terrorist attacks against Syria threatens the stability of the entire Middle East region. Here 's unstable situation in Russia will react . Assad stressed : Russia and Hermes Belts on the world stage to support us , cheap louis vuitton belts support us on Iran's regional arena. But I can point out the positive changes currently taking place in the world , some countries have begun to change their position. So fake gucci belts me countries have made no secret of supporting terrorists in Syria , such as Qatar and Turkey. Qat replica louis vuitton belt ar is a terrorist funder , Turkey compared them with training and border crossings . Now, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, replaced by new funders became terrorists . The US-led Western countries have declared a clear determination to attack Syria , Russia's pro-Syrian Syria and Iran are actively prepare against

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