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In this regard , I grew more and more gas, not gas papyrus weighty , affect my speed, but ask me again in Iraq vowed Yin act resolutely ignore , give him a little ( do not ! Yes points ) color to see , let him know My black Stars powerful. I blame the usual soft-hearted , just stuffed raw so dumbfounding thing to . Really : child of Lang , frustrated then furious . Fourteen happen to good intentions many things . That afternoon test, Political Economy . Open-book exam, regardless of AB roll , only two big quiz questions . Go looking for answers from a textbook alone is not enough , you must also control notes. And I never liked taking notes in class , but fortunately borrowed a Southern sixteen universities published the political economy - the socialist part of the reference book. Big role in this book , by virtue of the book , I think I can firmly Dangdang through. In the fast assignment , I kindly pass this reference book Yoon Iraq , gucci belt for men and to be able to take advantage of the place folded let him control it. I did not exp fake gucci belts ect such a kind in return for his ass Hepatopulmonary , he thinks this is where I am emotional , he stood a good book does not ring, when an assignment out fast . Furthermore , this book is precisely his father lent me . At first, in the library , his father took out this book, Yin Yi said that this book is poorly written , do not ! I can see by the next. I did not expect this book useful when , Yin Yi did not think gas is not so loud. May ! His mouth and said: Had I known , I am a person go to the library just fine . He meant I understand that if I do not go to the library with Yin Yi He , also borrow this book . He would rather I did not borrow the book , or rather let other people borrow this book to go , anyway, I fake gucci belt did not borrow the family to stay . Hearted inverted fine , there are communist style. However , that style is too high, the judgment to crowding out . Blame blame Yin Yi did his own judgment , do not ! Perhaps I should blame dip pen ink - eventful . I do not give him the book , cheap gucci belts everything fine. The ancients said it best: a bucket of rice feeds a benefactor , a stone rice raise a real enemy . Good intentions may not be rewarded ! I say , Yin Yi also followed me repeat this sentence. Joke ! Zhang Fei 's mother surnamed Wu . It does not follow back Yin Yi said , because he did not know the last part of what it meant. The last part is : nothing ( Wu ) Health Non ( fly ) . Fifteen final exams, and class has several students cheat in exams by the teacher discovered Yin Yi is one of those sacked . He will write the answer papers aloft , the rear of the students is a pity that myopia , but why at this critical time and forgot to wear glasses , really terrible ! Craned his neck just like a giraffe . Target is too large, sudden be invigilator point name. Not the point giraffe in the name , Replica Gucci Belt but the point gucci belt cheap of Yin Yi's name. This name that Yin Yi face suddenly pale, eye redness, tears are about to rush out . He strove with his life arguing with a high and low teacher invigilator . Repeatedly stated that he is innocent , father and mother did not give him head long eyes , do not know someone peeking behind his papers. However, Song Jiang 's military advisor - No ( NG ) to use, and then plead is superfluous . After the exam , the teacher cheating students were looking for a few conversations . Yin Yi last one was called . He did not find any excuse for his cheating rhetoric and justification .

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fake gucci belts ect such a kind in return