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as opposed to actively invest in Russia and Iran , the Belts government 's reaction is relatively mild , once war was started , I believe Hermes Belts will not be involved in too deep, even if military power is rising toward Russia did not dare to act rashly , at most only about seemingly powerful fist waving , replica gucci belts after the Syrian regime in the entire Middle East region is deserted, there is nothing to support power, and Hermes Belts a large number of crude oil imports from the Middle East countries , is clearly not in order to defend the reputation of a very smelly offend the Assad regime 's major oil producers . September 10 , the former Secretary for Transport, Ministry of Railways , Zhang Shuguang, deputy chief engineer of 47.55 million yuan bribery case , the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court in the trial . Trial lasted nearly a day in court , Zhang Shuguang, in addition to bribery on the part of some to justify the fact whether the bribes , the basic pleaded guilty . Recalled the high-speed rail dream , the final statement in court stage , Zhang Shuguang raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, seems to have tears overflow. Most people do not know is that because the technology was born , he had a Fellow dream . However , this dream became Zhang Shuguang fall into the abyss of the biggest incentives to this end he has 23 million yuan of bribery , were associated with participating academicians need money relevant. As to how he was in the end a dot in participating in the process , is still unknown , but it is undeniable that the assessment of the shady Academy has been opened and exposed to the media spotlight. 57 -year-old Zhang Shuguang , as the Cultural Revolution after the first batch of students, 22 years old, was admitted to the professional vehicle Lanzhou Jiaotong University . Successively in Shanghai , Shenyang, Beijing Railway Bureau and the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway , High Speed Rail Corporation preparatory working group and other units , Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun in the last tie , he was promoted to deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of Railways and the Secretary for Transport . Hermes Belts's high- speed rail technology has been introduced in the negotiations, as chief negotiator , cheap hermes belts known as high-speed rail first person , said. Satisfied with the official position , Zhang Shuguang also coveted the highest academic honor - the title of academician . Worked in 2007 , twice in 2009 PARTICIPATING academician . According to the prosecution allegations, Zhang Shuguang multi- pen and bribery are participating academicians processes. According to prosecutor accused , Zhang Shuguang, in 2005 to 2009 , on three occasions to Ge Jian Ming , president of KTK Group Inc. to obtain money totaling 8,000,000 yuan . He admitted that the participating academicians need money relevant. In addition to Ge Jian Ming 800 million fund , the prosecution also alleged that Zhang Shuguang in between 2007-2009 , cheap louis vuitton belts is far from accepting Wuhan Railway Electric Co., the legal representative Wang Jianxin, if asked , fake gucci belts to provide help for the application of the company's technology products , To this end, Wang Jianxin received three times the money given to a total of 18.5 million yuan . Court, Zhang Shuguang admit, Wang Jianxin had cancer , people are very pessimistic, We are both engaged in technology

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