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He can only ask the teacher to admit mistakes . The teacher said: what's the point ? Now have the courage to admit mistakes, I would not be dead dispute with the teacher . Really Siyaomianzi a pain , loss you're still a new member joining an organization it ! Yin Yi 's face is red burst , white burst and feathers drums - quietly . The Yin Yi more does not ring, Cao teacher's words are also more. Looking for conversation in front of two students on a quarter of an hour altogether useless , looking Yin Yi Tan , a full half-hour talk still feel not enough, let Yin Yi good while sad. After two days , the teacher to the classroom , and a look of pride kind , said: Yin Yi , you know do not know, you do not pass the exam MBA , do not pass do not say , cheap gucci belt but also in the examination of the papers to anyone, let others followed by error , Replica Gucci Belts Taibuyinggai ! Yin Yi listening should not , then very embarrassed , very angry, he flatly did not think the teacher will face so it goes in front of the whole class laugh at him . Although he pretended indifference, and has repeatedly stated that he will not go to the make-up , but in the after school hours , or neurotic to borrow it came to me once let me through this book. I replied: has already lost ! Yin Yi a pale face immediately , straight out of the sweat , sweat Rehan I do not know , anyway, are sour sweat . I'm sure he ordered within three days , at any cost to recover the book , even if it is a high price , we should also buy it back . Damn ! To chase, chase to find your father . Besides the teacher was not any announcement to make- over , see Yin Yi face profusely DC look, really want to laugh ! Because I was just passable. Thank my teacher pulled out from the abyss , so I Replica Gucci Belt have a feeling become their own masters . But I did not laugh , gucci belts fake he was so worried that I gloat . Frankenstein 's own strange temper , the less is wonderful, do not say better . Yin Yi 's face is still unhappy in waves, iconicity who owed him anything, specially came to bite my face gucci belt , cynical and said: Are you happy , and I know you count ! Jokes ! I passed the test it can not have happy right ? Would not be pleased to reveal ? It seems that he is losing loss faint head , pipe up I came. Wrong ! He seems to have learned something . Say learned a bit exaggerated , about to graduate , do not bother arguing with him , if we have to care about , you figure there is a big basket yet. He really thought he was tied back in a cocktail peacock feathers - is Wei ( tail ) big. People often say: from the United States . I reluctantly talk about the distance of this topic, a fear of being misunderstood as I was self-righteous ; two afraid he doubted her wrong , there is a feeling of smoke and mirrors . However, regardless of this society is peaceful or in noisy emerged between people indeed there is a visible distance. And by the distance from the differences in the phenomenon intensified, more and more eye-catching, gucci belts for men no arguing change a person's destiny. Others say I do not say , I have contacted the circle to talk about . Circles that level , the level of activity reflects a person's trajectory . And I keep in touch with contacts and in-depth , there are two people: one is when I read the accounting profession to establish friendship gang classmates ;

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