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Antivirus software needs to run in the background to keep you safe. It watches all the traffic going through you computer and flags things that shouldn’t ne there. If you shut it off you will not be protected.

There situations when you may want it off though. I have a paid antivirus service but I also run the free version of malware bytes on the side. It is recommended to run a secondary antivirus program as a back up. I don’t have it run actively in the background, but I run it once in a while as a back check.

You can shut it down though. Once I run it I will go to my system tray (in windows 10 it looks like an up arrow, bottom right hand corner of the screen in the task bar) and if I right click on its icon and there is an option to exit the program. By doing this you can speed up your computer and solve any interference between programs.

Please be warned though. When you shut down an antivirus program it no longer protects you. You want at least one virus program running for your protection.

Avast is launched in a market as Antivirus. But you need to know what is Virus and what the Avast does? The virus is a program which makes multiple copies of the file and that in the .exe format and results to slow down the computer performance, freeze the computer, unable to open the files and considerably more.

However, Avast detects the same kind of files and remove it completely, but the major problem arises when it didn’t perform smoothly while working. It treats the trusted websites as the virus affected sites and blocks the same. Even configuration time, it creates a problem; it freezes the computer for about 10-15 minutes and behaves abruptly.

· It slows down the computer performance and works fine when the computer is in idle mode.

· Unable to detect the potential malware

· Blocks the attachment

More or less, it behaves same as Virus because of so many bugs and issue. Much more advanced features are required for the Avast.

This is the best process to uninstall Avast Antivirus. For instant support call us at +1-888-653-7168

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Proposed 17.04.2021 (21 Days Ago) by
Jemma Simmons
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How Do I Stop Avast From Running in the Background?