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The module must be for sharing Ideas with the community. With the ability to assign and implement Ideas.

It has to allow anyone to be assigned to idea and implement it. As soon as it is implemented a member can optionally provide an URL to an implementation.

It has to have at least two ways of discussion (both are optional):

  • Comments
  • Opinions

Where opinions allow to leave opinions which then could be rated thus giving a score making easier to decide whether an Idea worth of something or not according to other's opinions.

Also it must support privacy settings, so that an author of an Idea could share it with friends only for example, or with any of his custom privacy groups.

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  •  aqbsoft aqbsoft: 
    The Idea was implemented already. See the Info block for an implementation.
     2826 Days Ago 
    3 points
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Proposed 01.08.2013 (2838 Days Ago) by
Assigned 06.08.2013 (2833 Days Ago) to
Implemented 13.08.2013 (2826 Days Ago)
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