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Generally, pre-med is not an actual major, but the schools here are known for preparing students (usually science majors, but not exclusively) for medical programs. There isn't a consensus on the top 10 universities in the United States, but here are some that appear on nearly every list.

Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., has a reputation for being perhaps the best medical school in the country. It's not surprising, then, that the undergraduate program is highly competitive as well. The school does not offer a pre-med major, but it has a pre-med program to suggest relevant classes and medical school planning. An undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins is a powerful tool for reaching a medical school.

University of Pennsylvania
The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is an Ivy League school with a very strong pre-med reputation. The school doesn't offer a pre-med major, but they do advise prospective medicine students and have a general suggested course of study to prepare for medical school. Penn is routinely at the top of the list for colleges that send the most students to medical school after graduation.

UCLA has one of the best hospitals in the world (Ronald Reagan Medical Center) on its campus, and volunteer opportunities at the hospital help boost your medical school application. Pre-med is not an official major, but the science programs at UCLA are among the best in the country. 53% of UCLA students applying to medical school get in to one of the schools they applied to, a very high rate.

Washington University in St. Louis
Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., is a relatively small school (14,000 undergrads) with a huge footprint in the world of medicine. Their graduate school of medicine is among the best in the United States, as is their undergrad program. They don't offer a pre-med major but instead encourage their pre-med students to become well-rounded while still offering advisement and volunteer opportunities at their world-class medical center.

Cornell University
Cornell University in Ithaca, New York is an Ivy League school with an excellent pre-med reputation. One in six students at the school intends to pursue a career in medicine. Cornell doesn't have a pre-med major, but they do have a set of prerequisite courses for medical school which students of any major are allowed to complete.

Top ten universities aren't for everyone, but if you have the grades, test scores and drive to compete, they can be an excellent pathway into the medical school of your dreams. Good luck with your applications.

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University Programs Ranked in the Top 10 for Pre-Med