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With the increase in the prevalence of social media usage. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media programs. People use it on an everyday basis to post small life events and every detail happening in their day to day life in the form of photographs or videos on Instagram stories. There is one disadvantage in making use of Instagram stories, they are gone immediately after 24 hours. In the event the time comes when you want to revisit the memory you posted, you will not find them.

Your entire Day Video Instagram Stories: Download It
The following guidance will let you save a day’s worth of stories within a Instagram story video. For future uses, this video will be available. Though the stories are merged in a single video and not in individual clips, it’s still a lot better than not having a duplicate of them. Finding the part of the event you want to view later may take a while as you have to find for it on the timeline. Still, this is better than nothing.

To convert your stories as video, search first for a key referred to as “Your Story”. You can commonly find it on your own feed. It’s on the upper left part. More options will pop-up after clicking the 3 dots icon. We are trying to find the Save Story option to save the video. A rendering is required to save the video. A couple of minutes of your time will be necessary. Your own video will be prepared to play whenever you need it.

Download Instagram stories separately and also individually
With this approach, you save individual clips of your story instead of the whole story. Hence, this will enable you to download and watch in the future the clips that you want to and save you a lot of time from viewing the other clips that you're not interested in. In this procedure you must pick the SAVE VIDEO option rather than the SAVE STORY choice you did in the first above.

Download Stories from Other Instagram Users
Even if you download the Instagram stories of other accounts, the process is rather simple using third-party sites. These websites have similar functionality and functions. It all rely on you which sites you are comfortable with. Eventually though, why you would wish to download Instagram stories from somebody else is basically not our business.

Steps to download stories via a third-party website
Learn first exactly what the sites need so that you can proceed with the downloading. In many instances, either of these two, username or perhaps profile URL, are needed. Then copy-paste the web link or the username into the ideal box on the site requesting stated information. A listing of stories created by the user will be shown. Click on the SAVE option for the picked story you wish to copy. And finally, the video will be saved to your local device.

Find here https://storiesdown.com

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