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The Google Assistant is getting better ways to correct the slot xo pronunciation of names, as well as better context awareness when it comes to setting up and changing timers with your voice. In a blog post announcing the change, Google said it should roll out in the coming days.If your Assistant is pronouncing your name incorrectly, the new way to fix the problem is pretty simple: You can speak your name out loud and then Google will try to learn its pronunciation. The same method, which is still available to those who want to use it, must be spelled the way you want your name to be pronounced.If you want to try it for yourself, you can go to your Google Assistant settings, then choose Basic info followed by a nickname.

It's worth noting that you can't totally separate your text name from the pronunciation - telling me to call me "Jennifer" while having my nickname in Mitchell resulted in it saying "Jennifer". "Mithril" (also Mithril without ri) Blog posts and videos also show that this works for other contacts too - great if you have a friend whose Assistant is constantly pronouncing it incorrectly.Google is also adding contextual awareness to timers using a language-comprehension technology called “BERT”.In practice, this should unlock all kinds of functionality: the ability to say things like “ Cancel my second timer, and cancel the named timer without the name you gave it. (An example Google uses in the video is to cancel a timer called “boiled potatoes” saying “cancel the potato timer. boil")It should also fix a common issue I encountered:

When you create an alarm, tell the Assistant to add an hour to the alarm, usually an hour in the future. With the new language processing, you should understand that you want the alarm to sound an hour later than initially set. It's also a good idea to deal with flub better, for example, if you say, "Set a timer, don't wait nine minutes.Google says this kind of spontaneous conversation should be coming to other parts of the Assistant very soon.For now, it seems that most of the work is following the timer. But who knows what to do next? The Google Assistant has been doing well in web search conversations for a while now, but BERT technology can make it even more powerful.

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You'll soon be able to teach your Google Assistant how to pronounce the name.