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Videos of voluptuous dancers at an ดาวน์โหลด สล็อต xo Australian military event have sent the country into chaos.The scenes were incongruous, bizarre and funny. Of course, it spread quickly when it was released on Wednesday.But the music video-style choreography that includes dancing, twitching and shaking of buttocks was also hit. Conservative lawmakers lead the chorus of the so-called "inappropriate".The tabloid headlines hitting military standards. But others found it wrong elsewhere - shaming the dancers and stating that their routine was too "sexual".This created a backlash in the care of the female body and the women's dance. The dance troupe in the clip 101 Doll Squadron complains about the media coverage.

While the clip was mistakenly edited by national broadcaster ABC,the voices sounded. So how did this fairy tale "navy twerking" get spread?The 101 Doll Squadron was hired by the Australian Navy to perform the commissioning ceremony Saturday for the new ship HMAS Supply.The incident, however, gained more attention after an ABC reporter shared a separate video on Twitter that connected footage of the women's active movement to the reaction it faced with military leaders.His tweet - later deleted - cited government MPs who mourned the fall of Defense Force standards. This framing caused a virus fire.But on Thursday, the photo was incorrectly edited, raising questions on ABC, which issued an apology.

The Navy said no official or dignitaries like the governor had ever seen the show before their arrival. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: "The standard failed", but criticized it. ABC's "misreporting"The navy has yet to explain why the dancers are hired.The video slowly shows the rest of the episode. The hallmarks of general ceremonies and ceremonies: the performance of the brass band; Official speech The sailors congratulated and marched in Logstep. Not as much pizza as a dancer But the dance vision has already been placed online and has received a lot of negative feedback.

'Wearing half of the cloth would not be appropriate.'

The conservative politician jumped onto the footage Thursday morning, saying it was an improper display at a military event.

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie, a veteran in the military, called it the "Shockers" of decisions from military leaders. She thought she was watching the Super Bowl, she said, referring to the half-time entertainment program. It's good for those young ladies to get out there. But I tell you that wearing half your clothes off a ship might not be appropriate, ”she said.But criticism of the military's bizarre choice of entertainment soon resulted in the shame and sexuality of the dancers and dance moves.101 Doll Squadron is a community dance group with members from indigenous and multiracial.They specialize in dancehall, reggae, afrobeats, commercial jazz and hip hop-dance that sometimes shocking the mainstream white culture. But nowadays it is common in modern dance. Trade groups are often hired for parties, banquets, banquets.

But Sydney's The Daily Telegraph, a Murdoch-owned tabloid, blew up images of the dancer on the front page and in two spreads:Many online critics also speculate that the choreography was Many have spoken of the incident in the broader debate over gender inequality that is currently dominating Australia's politics.The original ABC article cited another unnamed politician, who said: "During a time when we were promoting women's rights from protest, there were other choreography that were just as fun and powerful.But in speaking for women's rights, few asked the dancers what they thought.

'You fuck with us'

On Thursday morning, a conversation about the "scandalous" video dominating radio and TV shows about the Twerking breakfast - the latest pop culture debate taking place by Miley Cyrus in 2013 once again started a wave on Australia's Twitter.But members of the 101 Doll Squadron said it was the most dangerous extension of the media's story at first.In particular, they accused ABC of "deceptive editing" of falsifying to include footage of the military guests and key figures in the video, including "the scam". "Shooting from an angle that the viewer cannot see"We find this very creepy and more reflective of the ABC camera operators and the sexual desires of these women and their dancing for their own pleasure," said their statement. read They said they were deceived and attacked online and felt "threatened and exploited" as a result of their attention.

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Why Australia is crazy about the 'Navy Twerking' dance