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Llukalkan aliocranianus A newfound has an extremely frightening name.There is a tradition of naming badass dinosaurs. "Tyrannosaurus rex" means "King of the Tyrant Lizard". In 2020, scientists have named the new creature "reaper of death". "The Man Who Caused Fear", a canine dinosaur discovered in South America.Llukalkan aliocranianus It roamed present-day Argentina some 80 million years ago. It was more than 16 feet (5 meters) long and had a short, bulging head that looked like a jumbo gila monster.

A team of researchers led by สล็อต xo ทดลองเล่นฟรี paleontologist Federico Gianechini from the National University of San Luis in Argentina published a paper on dino in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology this week.This is a very important finding, as it suggests that the diversity and abundance of abelisauride is remarkable not only in Patagonia but also in other areas during the dinosaur twilight." Also, "Gianechini said in a statement by the publishers of the journal Taylor & Francis Group.

Llukalkan aliocranianus A bipedal abelisauride, a short-armed dinosaur from the Cretaceous period that resembles a T. rex. The name is a mixture of Mapuche, which is a native of South America and Latin. Llukalkan means "person who causes fear" and aliocranianus. In Latin for "Different skulls"Scientists have discovered fragments of the fossil skull, including a well-preserved brain case, surrounding the brain.The fossil shows that Llukalkan aliocranianus It has certain traits that are particularly different from its cousins.

Small posterior aeration sinuses in the middle ear." "These findings show different hearing modifications from other abelisaurides and are likely to be sensory in hearing loss. Hearing, ”said study co-author Ariel Mendez from the Patagonian Institute of Geology and Paleontology.The fierce stump-armed dinosaur of T. rex has long captured the public's imagination, Llukalkan aliocranianus. The name may not be remembered. It is built on the fascinating history of the carnivorous dinosaurs that once ruled South America.

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The 'man who caused fear' dinosaurs was a true cannibal phobia.