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Things are changing rapidly in the slotxo download android global economy and almost all organizations are following their digital transformation path. Many people compete to build their own technology capabilities so they can build proprietary technology and gain a competitive edge.CEO Satya Nadella has broken down this challenge in his keynote at the recent Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference, and later at Ignite China 2021, I identified the technology concentration as the top priority for Chinese companies.The country's economy is recovering from the effects of the epidemic faster than globally. China is the only major economy growing in 2020 (+ 2.3% GDP) and has a 6% GDP growth target by 2021.

According to a survey by the EU, Japan and US Chamber of Commerce, most multinational corporations (MNCs) are optimistic about the growth of the Chinese market and business opportunities.Business leaders know they need to change their operations to ensure that growth is productive and sustainable.Research by IDC and Microsoft found that in the first six months after the outbreak, 63% of Chinese enterprises said they intend to accelerate the digitalization of products, services, payments and more, including e-commerce and automation. And in an ISACA study, 91% of business leaders in China say digital transformation is a key way to spark innovation and empower their organizations.

These findings support what we've learned through conversations with clients and analysts. Based on our own internal research, we have identified five trends in the post-epidemic Chinese market:Remote collaboration and productivity are needed in the organization and throughout the value chain Increased privacy and security are essential as organizations rely on remote technology and operations.Process automation, smart robotics, and fast-paced low-code technology are required to keep up with the new generation process and customer service needs.AI-powered predictive analyzes and digital twins are used for data modeling, risk assessment and supply chain operations in education, as well as education and medicine.

And future development and introduction of products and processes will be accelerated by digital twins, mixed reality, specialized processing and digital feedback loops.Behind these powerful changes, we see enormous demands from clients of different sizes and in different industries. There are great opportunities for our industries and ecosystems both in China and around the world.With almost 30 years of experience in China, we are clear on one thing: even though technology is important. It's about how technology empowers our customers.Here are 6 key areas business decision makers (BDMs) must consider when moving their operations to the cloud:

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Six Reasons to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation on the Cloud