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Jay-Z's Roc Nation announced in promotionslot 2017 that it was setting up a joint venture called Arrive, and the company has been busy since then.Co-founder and chairman Neil Sirni said Arrive has made 29 investments.Sirni, meanwhile, doesn't say much about those investments to the public or about a broader strategy. So he contacted me a few months ago, suggesting that he was ready to provide more details about Arrive.We are now in three years, 29 investments and expansions - so it feels like the right time to open up a bit," he said.During a few back-and-forth emails we discussed how Arrive fits into Roc Nation's bigger goals,

how Sirni (former Goldman Sachs executive) decides to invest,and where he will focus next ( Spoiler: Southeast Asia is a big part of that answer.)He is also keen to offer testimonials from Arrive's portfolio companies such as Aaron Rasmussen, founder of Outlier.org, said, "When Arrive is committed to your mission, they make a commitment," while Giri. Sreenivas, Helm co-founder and CEO, said the company "takes what I don't see in traditional institutional investors: legally operational expertise around branding and marketing.You can read our email Q&A, slightly edited for the length and layout below.

What is Arrive and how does it fit into a large Roc Nation umbrella?

Arrive is Roc Nation's venture capital platform.Roc Nation is a comprehensive music and sports management company, a music and entertainment publishing company founded by Jay-Z Roc Nation, and its affiliates have built a diverse business with hundreds of employees. These businesses include artist and athlete representation, brand portfolio, apparel line spirit, a charity department that manages four charities, a content streaming service, a digital team that maintains an active social media account. 1.4 billion followers, sales and marketing department A department that works with countless partners with Fortune 500 companies, communications, video production and live production, and more.Roc Nation's infrastructure can add value to different types of businesses in a number of steps, which is why wecreated Arrive for consumer-facing businesses. Arrive leverages Roc Nation's infrastructure to help companies build their branding. Create marketing,

communication and other services for the enterprise. We use our extensive B2B relationship network to help them develop their business.Being a strategic venture capitalist on the limit table of companies, portfolio is not only But only about investment But also the human capital that the fund can deploy to drive true and unique long-term value for entrepreneurs and their businesses. Therefore, we are leveraging the broader Roc Nation platform to help portfolio companies and in turn reach great entrepreneurs.What type of investment do you usually invest - company type, investment size, etc.We are somewhat independent and agnostic. We have invested in early stage funds, which tend to focus on Series A to Series C, but we have also started SPV growth and pre-IPO investments as we lay the groundwork for the craft. Vehicle for growth, especially later this year

How do you decide to invest? Was Jay-Z involved in the process?

We focus on companies where we can provide meaningful assistance. But beyond the traditional Roc Nation core music and sports industry, thanks to our platform, the opportunity is very broad. To date, we've made 29 investments under Arrive umbrellas in everything from fintech, insurtech, edtech, health and wellness, social and gaming. Geographically, we invest approximately 80% in North America, especially in the United States and 20% in Southeast Asia including Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. As strategic investors, we have not always led deals and venture capitalists.Our long-term focus is driving real and unique value for our portfolio companies. If we continue to take this mission too seriously, we believe we have the opportunity to build a sustainable brand as a leading strategic investor.Jay-Z approved every opportunity that came to him, Juan Perez and Desiree Perez gave Arrive an overwhelming support and what we tried together to achieve.

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Roc Nation's Neil Sirni VC laid out his investment strategy.