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Netflix will stream Sony movies after they hit theaters and in slotxo download home formats, such as for online rentals, but Spider-Man: No Way Home is not on Netflix's follow-up Netflix has entered into a new deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment. To stream all the new movies for the studio, starting with movies released in 2022, the companies said on Thursday, including popular franchises such as Jumanji, the Spider-Man movie linked to the blockbuster Marvel. And Morbius, a spin-off from the Spider-Man universe. Movies will be able to be streamed in what's known as a one-time pay window after they've finished screening in theaters and can be watched at home like an online rental.

Spider-Man: No Way Home could be one of the last films to be released on TV for the first time through Starz, which currently holds the license for Sony's one-window pay-as-you-go movies.Starz will remain the number one on TV to watch movies. Sony's release this year, which includes a third in the film trilogy starring Tom Holland as the gentle-mannered superhero No Way Home, is slated for theaters Dec. 17.Netflix has been taking over Starz since. January 1Movies licensed in a one-time pay window are usually viewable on any streaming service or TV networkapproximately nine months after the movie's release. But the past year has seen a dramatic collapse in these windows as the COVID-19 outbreak forced theaters around the world to shut down,

destroying the box office market for movies. Studios, distributors and cinema networks are now in a phase of determining how long cinemas can enjoy new movies when public health constraints eventually open up to widespread cinema again. Until now, the deal said the film would not be released in the same way that it had before the epidemic.Netflix and Sony do not specify the length of time shown in theaters, and a one-time pay window will begin making movies available for streaming.Netflix already has a streaming deal for Sony Pictures Animation's movies, including a sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, so Netflix will now be the streaming hub for all Sony Pictures Entertainment film labels and genres. Note that the new deal means that Netflix will stream movies.

Many more movies featuring Marvel characters, including a sequel to Venom and Spiderman, and a follow-up is expected for the Jumanji and Bad Boys franchises.The new Netflix deal also includes a provision that allows the streaming giants to make every film that Sony decides to make a name directly into streaming in what it calls the First Look Agreement, but Sony says it will. It does not reduce the number of movies released in theaters. Any Direct-to-Streaming project will be added to the "Slate, movie, drama, full, which will continue at current volumes," the company said.As part of the deal, Netflix will begin streaming select shows from Sony's library of past films over the next year, the company said, without specifying any titles.

Financial terms were not disclosed. Bloomberg News previously reported that Sony earns as much as $ 250 million a year. Variety reported Thursday that the new deal is believed to last about five years.These one-day deals have been a Hollywood staple for years, providing a lucrative way for studios to make big money for their movies. To compete with Netflix, these offerings are becoming increasingly rare. For example, Disney allowed a massive pay-one deal with Netflix within the year before Disney Plus was released. All rights to own movies are reserved for the streaming to debut on their own service instead.

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Netflix will stream new Sony movies like Spider-Man, Jumanji starting in 2022.