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In the pre-COVID world, being given the opportunity to ride with a development engineer on a pre-production vehicle often resulted in a color shift to Germany, followed by a PowerPoint slide an hour or two before hitting the suburbs. The passenger seat of the car in question. Today is a bit more complicated due to travel restrictions, so my first opportunity to ride a shotgun in Why is the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS actually happening? Test drive Zoom? Rarely, but close.I followed through half a dozen different perspectives, talking to engineers for representative experiences. Less involved? Of course, but I don't have to be there to see how impressive the EQS is.

And it has to be long since the slotxo download S-Class has been the flagship of the M-B, and while EQS is not a replacement. But must be given the same standard From what I can see through my multi-view stream it seems to be scoring all right.As a lot of EV aficionados focus on the numbers, let's get those things out of the way.EQS packs a 107.8 kWh battery, which is almost 10% larger than a Tesla.The result is an impressive 480 miles in the European WLTP cycle. More intense EPA test cycles may have come in the 412 miles offered by Tesla's current Model S Long Range.That assist was a 0.20 traction coefficient, making the EQS the most aerodynamically produced car in the world.You can have a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle that makes 329 horsepower, or add a second motor to the front of the bump.

Power output is 516 horsepower, torque is 406 lb-ft, healthy with that configuration and force. All pushes are ready and waiting immediately from a standstill.These electric motors have been widely separated from the chassis to reduce the typical EV whine, while the twin mirrors and foam-filled body panels will ensure a whisper ride at you. To expect from the S-Class, however, for those desirable acoustic flavors. Mercedes-Benz It will feature a series of "Sound Worlds" featuring a unique tone for acceleration, regeneration and initiation. My brief sampling is not enough to say whether these will actually enhance the experience or are simply forgotten as gimmicks. But it certainly shows the attention to detail.

It's no surprise that the EQS is a big car, over 17 feet long. That's like today's S-Class sedans, but with the standard rear steering wheel, it's even tighter than the C-Class. I would say EQS should be beautiful and elegant.The interior will certainly back up, Mercedes' 56-inch Hyperscreen OLED panel dominates the scene and flanked by 15 speakers from Burmester. Mirrors so that both the driver and the passenger have their own interface.The effects are amazing to say the least. But the way in which everything will be shaken in action is still to be seen. An infotainment system needs to be experienced while driving, not streaming while typing, so I'll judge for now.Another aspect of the car that remains unstable is its appearance.Until now, Mercedes has kept the end of the EQS business under wraps in vinyl. What I saw was unfamiliar compared to the current S-Class.

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Mercedes-Benz EQS 2022 Reviews