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How to Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Accountant's
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QuickBooks is the first choice and is popular as one of the topmost small business accounting tools in the market to date. However, when something goes wrong or when you find yourself stuck while using the marvelous accounting software, things may not always seem to be smooth sailing. QuickBooks failed to create an accountant’s copy erroris one such common issue that the user might bump into, and find a bit tricky to fix.

To make this task much easier and convenient for you, we brought this post today for you, wherein we have picked the most effective solution for eliminating this QuickBooks failed to create an accountant’s copy error. Thus, ensure sticking to this space till the end.


What instigates QuickBooks unable to create accountant’s copy error?

The user can end up in such an error due to the following reasons:

·         QuickBooks desktop is outdated.

·         Or problem in sending the data to intuit server.

·         Also, the QBW file is 200MB or larger than that.

·         Another reason can be if the QuickBooks desktop requires an update.

·         The user can also end up in such an error if the internet connection of the system might be slow or the firewall might affect the upload.


Steps to fix the QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant's Copy Error

If you are also facing any such error, then you can perform the below steps to fixing QuickBooks unable to create accountant’s copy error. The solution includes the following:

·         The user should check the company file name for special characters.





·         Another step can be to update QuickBooks desktop to the latest release.




·         Moreover, the user should decrease the size of the company file.

·         In case there is a long dash in your notes.

·         The user can also try fixing the issue by fixing the company file.


Steps to remove accountant’s copy restrictions

The user can try removing accountant’s copy restrictions by performing the steps below:

·         The first step is to navigate to the file menu and then choose send company file.

·         Choose the accountant’s copy.




·         Followed by selecting client activities.

·         And click on remove restrictions.




·         The last step is to select yes, I want to remove accountant’s copy restrictions and click on OK tab.


Eliminating the QuickBooks failed to create an accountant’s copy errorisn’t a tough nut to crack, once the illustrated steps are implemented.

Despite that, if you continue to land into the same error again and again, then in that case do not hesitate in consulting our CPA’s and U.S. based accounting professionals using our 24X7 QuickBooks error support line i.e.1-800-761-1787.


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