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Patong Harbor View is a residential resort on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Phuket that overlooks lush jungles and imposing rock faces.
Services and entertainment

Each building has five floors, each with elevators and stairs to have an open and traditional feel but also providing all modern conveniences.
The resort has places for the whole family to enjoy. In addition to our main pool, we have a separate pool for children. There is also a wide, spacious social area with chairs and tables for dining and parties, as well as a pool table for your use.
So Much to Discover
The accommodation is conveniently located near the sea and city, as well as the beaches of Patong and neighboring Karon. The clear water beach, the mall, and Bangla Road for restaurants and shopping are the main attractions at Patong Beach. In addition, the southern section of the island is a popular destination for our visitors. Patong Harbor View also has easy access to car and bicycle hire, as well as parking, to make your ride more comfortable.
History and culture are fascinating.
Patong, once a quiet fishing village, has grown into a vibrant city known for its wonderful environment, LGBTQ friendly culture, fresh seafood, excellent nightclubs, and traditional beer bars.
The local nature and mountainous jungle provide an excellent getaway from the capital. We propose that our guests experience the tranquillity of the trees, where they can truly be one with nature's harmony and the exotic animals that the forest has to bring.
Rooms to Meet Your Every Need
Every unit has breathtaking views of the gleaming blue swimming pool below and the rocky jungles that tower over tropical Patong Beach.
The comfortable, newly renovated, and modern furnished apartments will sleep up to 2 - 6 guests in completely air-conditioned bedrooms, with the option of sleeping in the main living room. All apartments have fully fitted kitchens with a kettle, rice cooker, toaster, refrigerator, stove, freezer, fridge, and sink, allowing you to prepare and enjoy the apartment as if it were your own.
Our apartments come with cable TV, Wi-Fi, and a maid cleaning service. You will relax ensuring that all of the logistics have been taken care of to ensure a memorable holiday experience.
Any visitor who comes to us will stay in an apartment for a short or long period of time. They are ideal for couples, singles, and families searching for an adventurous holiday get-away, professionals working in Phuket who need a weekend to unwind, or seniors looking for a relaxed relaxing holiday.