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Confront your heart Please confront your heart. You have a great and amazing strength. I once wondering if Hope adhere before or after. Then I seem to have the answer. Adhere to the driving force behind, that is, in this second struggling perhaps how you can not be expected in the next second you will have how powerful the energy out of the woods, when Fake Oakleys your heart is full of hope. Sensitive and we will not close political aside, take a look at ourselves, our lives. How much is lost because we did not stick to it, gnawing at the plight of our body and mind, we made a kind of coping. I admit that I have forgotten or can not remember, I remember that I never gave up, I have been to insist, as I have always been unknown full of Foakleys hope, I believe that the unknown is OK. When I was unknown, I can unlimited Fake Oakley Sunglasses reverie, and sketched everything. When everything happened some are not satisfactory, some even disaster. But I always believe that disaster and the plight of our lives the passer, the ultimate goal of life free and beautiful, if your life is full of hope and always insisted on whom long-term effort. Just as in the hillside, a dilemma, a strong sense of altitude sickness, I thought maybe I really can not even fainted and then walked back to the export far secluded jungle. As a matter of Foakley Sunglasses fact, I do syncope, because my brain is a blank when I exhaustive. But is gratifying that after I wake up, have a strong desire to survive in every cell of my body. Limbs can still afford this I chose to move forward, legs, after all, is controlled by the brain. Because my brain a belief Moreover, everyone else can be done to me as the same species and they must also be able to do. Standing naturally embraced and kissed mountains overlooking the city really is a great sense of accomplishment. Perhaps only by adhering to the last talent will get the blessing of God and bless the God of our mortal test. I'm happy that I became which one. I believe it is hoped that this belief inspired me to that great and amazing strength. Those who help themselves, Tin Heng help it. Then about freedom. Zhuangzi Escape is just a utopia, I said freedom is not the same as Happy, which is self-evident. I like independent aryl dust free, I like Xijinqianhua air. I like beautiful dripping fragment. When I was under such an environment, even if the sun is very intense, I could not control their own Zhaixiamojing sincere clean the face of such a blue sky blank pure cloud. You have to be impressed by the scene so beautiful and pure to the extreme. At the moment I believe I have a great power to break free my soul soaked earth polluted body flew piece of pure land baptized. Florence Cobo Singh said, nothing will not last long because of its beautiful. So I believe that the moment of the good in the next second will still exist, I have half a minute will not find him missing her because it is sleeping in my visual blind spot, I'm sure, I have been have her. So I have a sense of happiness. You can have a religion. Because your soul wants to be protected by the life guidelines. But you have the right to absolute choice, you can choose your living environment, your character, you can choose wealth, choose to be happy. Because it was born in your body your heart a great power. When you around as you wish your personnel, you can choose the accused even irony, you can choose to believe that this society the world is full of dirty thoughts in words, such as the outbreak of war is supposed to, but every man for himself on the the unscrupulous to others, for others dissatisfied for granted. So, use your right hand to your left chest warm place, how can your heart, to make that choice, you feel free. I believe you are bound, bound. Try out a dead end. Because life itself is a beautiful thing, all were originally beautiful. Led to the current situation, is your own. Humans continue to create their own ease and enjoy life at the same time, their spiritual life and made more complex and confused. You can choose not to agree with others, but you can choose a way to let other people do not hate the way do not agree with. This is a long, long time ago a wise old sage once said. I believe it is worth every one of us to try to do. Please locate your long lost freedom and hope for the future, and for whom we hold. Because you have a great and amazing strength.

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you mei
Fake Oakley Sunglasses
15.05.2013 (2646 Days Ago)
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I have always been unknown full of Foakleys hope