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According to historical data show that in 2008 cash dividends of listed companies accounted for the proportion of all the listed companies was 52%; 2009 cash dividends of listed companies accounted for the proportion of all the listed companies was 55%; 2010 cash dividends of listed companies accounted for all the listed companies ratio of 61%. By the 2011, this proportion increased to 66%. In addition, since January 1, 2013 onwards, the issuance and transfer of individuals from publicly listed companies in the stock market has been, dividends resulting implementation of differentiated according to the length of time holding personal income tax policy. In other words, holding more than one year, the tax burden is 5%; holding one month to one year, the tax burden is 10%; holding a month or less, the tax is 20%. This message is intended to encourage investors to make long-term investments, and long-term investors to give tax preferential. However, faced with the return measures, mbt investors are worried. Cash dividends, for example, although in recent years, domestic listed companies the proportion of cash dividends rising trend year by year, but there are two major factors to market concerns. The first is the A-share dividend rate and developed capital market there is a certain gap. In 2011 dividend rate of listed companies, A-share listed companies dividend yield on one-year deposit rate of less than 5%, mbt shoes clearance while more than 70% of listed companies dividend rate remains at 0.5 --- 1.5%. As can be seen from the above data, the domestic A-share dividend yield level with developed capital markets, there is a certain level of dividend yield gap; second cash dividends of listed companies and financing, refinancing phenomenon is in a serious state of imbalance. As I mentioned in the previous text Shi Liang Kuo, mbt walking shoes and nearly a decade of financing is 1.76 times cash dividend. One side is MBT Shoes USA-Save Up 60% OFF And Free Shipping mandatory cash dividends, strengthen information disclosure, the other side is letting financing and refinancing, so that investors do not feel the benefits of the cash dividend. Then begin on January 1 this year, implementation of differentiated taxes on dividends, for example, for long-term investors, although this has played the mbt usa role of encouragement, but careful analysis, but there are several major concerns point. The first is the clear cut dark differentiated levy increase. From the analysis of the specific tax levy, investor holding more than 1 year to get the 5% level of tax collection, while holding one month or less of investor tax levels up to 20%! According to statistics, since 2005, the actual tax burden of taxes on dividends is 10%. If this calculation, only investors holding more than a year to get a real tax preferential; second is the real beneficiary of the tax burden, or the difference between the secondary market will face losses. A nearly three-year stock performance point of view, 2010 was 14.31 percent annual decline in 2011, a decrease of 21.68 percent year, 2012 year was up 3.17 percent. Control of the data, if the investor only get 5% of tax concessions long-term holdings, will face a huge difference losses; Third, there is a big collection of taxes on dividends irrationality. According to statistics, the taxpayer is paying taxes on individual investors, institutional investors are entitled to exemption from treatment.

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