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That day, the Tiaji busiess customers came to egotiate to buy a car , replica gucci belts but also a relatively large vocabulary, Hui ad productio departmets to arrage ready i the future , call Lida advace to the Amber Hotel set meal ad a few ca arrage to Lida drikig . Get a big list , Hui wats to take good care of the guests . Hui driker OK, but toight it seems a bit dizzy i advace , it may be a good reaso ot recetly break , ucosciously , a little druk, but the guests seem very excited about toight . The other's a maager to half a cup of white wie to a large ad Hui put the sos of thuder , Hui at this time if the o- druk ca ot drik it . Hui sittig ext to a large group of had- over- Hui Liu wated to ed the cup to drik , it is the guests do ot wat to , fake gucci belt ad have to get rid of o- Hui , ad if ot , you ca drik called Lig MM . Fai looked at Lida , Lida put it all i the eyes, tryig to save rack o it, ot commitmet to the opportuity to come, although the amout of alcohol is ot, but Americas have the opportuity to save the hero's of course ot to be missed . That Lida is ot ambiguous, put o the cup , put o a eck Yag did . Other maagers with vague words, Lig MM massive to me ...... agai respect you a cup ...... The we should give Lida pour half a cup . Lida 's face has bee revealed blush , Hui, this time dow a little getlema, worried that she drak too much , wet ad put took over, who kows Lida Hui 's arm pushig had was clasped arms Hui ad took to drik . Hui looks a little silly . Bid farewell to the guests, ad Lig Hui will go orth alog Meilig Aveue , Lig Yi Liu quarters i their homes , they come ot log , Hui stopped footsteps , so Lida ow home. Ji - to - drik - poit - water bar Lida ivitatio to articulate a little vague . Watchig the weather earlier , more worried about Lida drik, Hui Lig o with ito the door. This sigle wome bedroom very clea , soft lightig revealig ambiguous color. Fai was goig to speak, Lida was silet o dow o the sofa. Hui ca ot help out i a cold sweat . ( Cotiued ) As the sayig goes , marriage , replica hermes belts such as shoes, wear shoes do ot fit together oly people they kow . Hog Hui ad whe combied with the origial , i the eyes fake gucci belt of colleagues ad frieds together is simply the perfect match , the perfect match for days , they were married that day, the piao is actually druk, almost ca ot close games . However , really thigs are upredictable , they were married less tha three years , there is o comig to the so-called seve-year itch , because of the desire to cotrol the raibow too , ad put ito a cage of marriage , ad ultimately , Hui could ot stad it aymore . But havig said that , the desire to cotrol the raibow is ot etirely ufouded . Hui is too good, oly oe meter tall ad hadsome 8 so that those girls Huaichu tempted , the uit is also a master at work . Sice he took over the orther part of Area Marketig Maager sice last passeger has bee moopolized by a certai brad of Hea , Tiaji , Shijiazhuag city bus car market, but also he had to go , the sales volume of early a thousad uits a year .

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