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This wow cheap gold article is about the Atari Jaguar 64 bit video game system and it's games. Atari Karts, Club Drive, Hover Strike and Iron Soldier are all documented here. Pictures, you tube videos, polls, maps, a quiz and commentary are featured in this nostalgSega Saturn Top Games of All Time

This article is about the top games for the SEGA Saturn game Console. Area 51, Virua Fighter, Virtua Racing and Daytona USA are documented in this classic video game hub. Pictures, you tube videos, maps, polls, a quiz and commentary highlight this gaBest Magnavox Odyssey Video Games of All Time

This article features the Magnavox Odessey, which is a classic video game console. Navy Seals, Double Dare, Ninja Gaiden and Back to the Future 2 are listed here along with you tube clips, maps, pictures, polls and commentary are also featured in this hubBest Computer Video Games of All Time

This article is about the best computer video Games ever. Phantasmagoria, The Sims, Resident Evil and World of WarCraft are listed in this classic computer games hub. Pictures, you tube videos, maps, polls, a quiz and commentary.

Great Titles For the Amiga The Amiga system had over 100 titles but the ten listed below stand out above the rest for different reasons. The games were just as entertaining as Nintendo and Sega but they lacked the license agreements with certain game publishers which hurt their variety.

1. Final Fight (1989): This is a side scrolling fighting game in which you control one of three characters and your goal is to save a woman that has been kidnapped by gangsters. It is a one or two player at the same time game in which you fight through criminals in a big city using all sorts of weapons to conquer 6 stages of intense street fighting.

2. 007: License to Kill (1989): This is a one player top down shooter game based on the film of the same name. The game has 6 levels of game play that takes place on skis, on foot, and in the air. Using guns and other special special agent weapons you will chase and eventually go one on one with Evil Sanchez.

3. Castlevania (1986): This game has a few sequels and it is a one player horror video game. The game has 6 levels of game play and your character must use cunning and a whip. The enemies at the end of each level are: Medusa, Big bat, The Grim Reaper, The Mummy, Frankenstein and in the end of course you must defeat Dracula in the dark.

4. Primal Rage (1994): This is a one or two player game in which you battle one on one against other fighters. Besides punching, kicking, elbows for battle each character also has a rage meter that activates after so many shots to the head. In campaign mode you have to defeat 7 different monsters in order to win the tournament.

5. Theme Park (1994): You start out in England with an empty plot of land and a wad of money. You build your amusement park from scratch and as you gain customers you buy better rides. The game is very fun especially once you build bonus rides in 3D.

6. Renegade (1986): This game is eerie similar to Double Dragon and it is a one or two player beat em up game. The game has four levels of fighting in order to rescue your girlfriend. This was one of the first fighting games to features jump kicks and spinning attacks.

7. Total Eclipse (1988) In this first person shooter you must infiltrate a Pyramid and destroy the Shrine before earth is doomed. The game is a pioneer in the 3D background realms and it still has nice graphics even now. This game is more about you than the enemy. Watch out for shooting darts, boulders, rocks and be sure to hydrate because the sun is at your back at all times.

8. War in the Gulf (1993): In this game Iraq invades Kuwait for a second time and as a soldier strategist you must operate 16 tanks and destroy the enemies. It's a one player game that can only be played with a mouse but nonetheless it is very fun to play for hours on end.

9. Top Gear 2 (1993): This game features racing in 64 cities spread out over 16 countries from around the world. This sequel adds the new element of bad weather, which at the time was a first in car racing. You have Nitro Boost 6 times per race so if you use it right the game isn't very difficult but it is fun.

10. Outrun (1986): It is a one player racing game in which you drive a Ferrari. It is the first racing game to feature 3D backgrounds and it is also the first racing game to allow the player to change the radio stations while driving. The game is based on European scenery and features eighteen tracks to drive on.

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