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Path of Exile, the free-to-play online action RPG is still going strong--following the Fall of Oriath expansion earlier this year, there's already another expansion on the way. Called War for the Atlas, the focus this time is on expanding the end-game experience for longtime players. poe currency orbs "In this expansion, a lot of the new content is for the existing players, because that's its particular slant," explained Chris Wilson, managing director at Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games. "However, the content that does affect low-level layers are four new skill gems...all four of the new skill gems we're adding are necromancy-themed, but designed so you can use them on other characters as well. They don't have to be used by summoners." In addition, there will also be six new support gems, that Wilson says "are designed to change how almost every skill in the game works. And that provides a lot more build customization and stuff for new players to experiment with." As for everything else the expansion will add, here's a very brief rundown: A story where you choose to fight against the forces of either The Elder or The Shaper 32 new randomized maps in the end-game New end-game equipment: Shaped items and Elder Items 50 new Unique items. The Abyss Challenge League: An area to battle a new class of foe that appears while playing through the game--they will reward Abyss Jewels "The challenge league that we've added is also available throughout the entire game, Wilson said. "It's not just available in the end-game. The way challenge leagues work, it's like the opportunity for a fresh start, basically a new server. And we encourage everyone to start a new character in the challenge league." The War for the Atlas is coming to Xbox One and PC on December 8, and like other Path of Exile content, it's free-to-play. For European players who've wanted to get into the game in their native language, this expansion will also introduce German, French, and Spanish language options to the game.

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New Expansion Announced For Path Of Exile, Release Date This December