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What could be the best solution for you in resolving the issue when ‘Norton won’t live update’? It is obvious that, in the beginning, you will try to resolve the issue by your own efforts and later on you will search on the Google for the solution and will try the provided solution one after another. If you are fed up with such kind of solution, then why don’t you try the best-provided solution over here which can fix the error in Norton? If in any case, you failed to resolve the issue by following the instruction and the steps provided over here, then you have another solution in the form of Norton technical support number 1-888-410-4607 where you can find the qualified experts who have the capacity to handle your every kind of technical problem which you face in Norton Antivirus.

Such kind of issues occur when you try to scan a document and it does not get scanned due to some internal issues. You might be fed up sometimes and will feel like switching to another software. If you ever thought the root cause of the issue then you can understand the basic reason, why you are facing such issues.

Whatever the technical problems occur, there are some reasons behind that and some of them are:

v Error in the configuration of your system

v Your antivirus has not been installed in a proper manner

v The software might be corrupted in its original form

v You might have ignored the updates

There might be several causes for the errors which depend upon the users, type of files they are dealing with and the version they are using. All such things are important to take care while installing or updating Norton antivirus. But nevertheless, you should not worry about this as you have an option to fix the error and can find the solution for the issues with the help of Norton Customer Support Number.

How Can You Fix the Issues Yourself?

If you want to resolve the issue on your own then hers is the simple way for the same where you can follow either of the two steps given below:

v You have to restart your system, and just after that, you can scan the drives in it.

v You have to uninstall the software and then reinstall it. You are required not to ignore any kind of pop-up, they might be useless but has relevant information.

By following all of the above-mentioned instructions, you will be able to resolve the issue in an easy way and still you feel that a problem is persisting then you have another solution as you can reach out to the Norton tech support number where certified technicians will assist you 24x7 online in resolving the issue in a rapid manner with a perfect response.


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How to fix Norton Won't Live Update