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Dell is one of the most renowned companies in the world of laptops and desktops. And this company is not at all a newbie, they are in business for decades and have been providing their customers with a lot of cool stuff. Moreover, they are at the top of the preference list because of their service, the Dell customer support number is exceptionally good.

They have a proficiency when it comes to putting in some innovations in your laptops and desktops.  They have never reduced their class and with enhancing their quality, they have always met the demands of people, then be it quality or quantity. But sometimes, things happen completely opposite to what their image is and the laptops start to irritate a lot with error pop-ups. One of the most common errors that users face is the error code 0123. Now before you think of fixing this problem, you will have to know what exactly is causing it. Because no one, there is a number of issues that can lead to this problem. Some of them are:

  • If you have dropped your laptop, this can be a reason for the error.
  • Sometimes, when you laptops get heated up too quickly and due to overheating this error can flash on your screen. If this happens, avoid playing high specs games or using the high-specs software.
  • Sometimes this error can be caused due to the hardware issues. Like there is a motherboard failure or memory malfunctioning.

Now to troubleshoot the problem you can take these steps:

  • Check the hard drive for any problem in which you can type “chkdisk” which will start the checkup in your laptop and try to diagnose it. After successfully checking the flaw click F2 button which will direct you to the BIOS page set-up.
  • Or you can also try to diagnose the problem by yourself. By clicking on the F12 button as soon as your laptop starts to open. Using the diagnostic option the windows will detect and repair the faulty hardware.
  • Now if you are unable to do any of these steps, you can also perform a manual process where you need to open the anti-spyware plan. This will allow you to check and scan the problems. Once through with this step reboot your Dell laptop and save the changes.

After trying all these ways, if you find yourself unsuccessful then you can contact the Dell customer care center and on their Dell customer service number.


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How to fix Dell laptop error code 0123