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Whether listed companies , or institutions , retail investors are keen on making a false themes and performance, to drive up the price , and then in the noisy confusion of market to reap huge profits , so the stock market in Christian Louboutin 's stock market short history , has already staged several times repeated , each time in order to pay a painful price and the retail end . With the rise in domestic oil prices do not fall with the consumer when we can benefit from ? High profits come from the oil industry ? PetroChristian Louboutin , Sinopec , CNOOC face a lot of discussions, the 5th , the oil giant for the first time three responses to public questioning . Question: price support profits ? Response: The price is just a minor factor One side is a continuous increase in domestic oil prices , while oil prices are rising profits , the Big Three 's profits come from ? Price is one of the reasons , Jiang Jiemin, CNPC executives frankly, but the profit comes mainly from internal rectification and reform diversion, reduce costs , and explore the potential . Over the past three years , cheap louis vuitton belts the oil of merging multiple bank accounts 8000 , reduced the size of the debt of more than 1000 billion yuan last year to reduce costs resulting benefits of light to reach 10 billion yuan . Since 80% of Sinopec 's crude oil in the international market purchases, price upside down resulting in the loss of four refineries year $ 50 billion of guaranteed profits , the average annual refining capacity of 16.2 million tons shutting down backward , hundreds of thousands of employees in the integration be shunted . Fu Chengyu, CNOOC executives said that last year the value of its yuan to increase overall energy consumption and water consumption decreased by 14.9 % and 22.7 % of the money saved into profits. Question: why domestic oil prices can only rise and not fall ? Response : The current price is still upside down cheap gucci belts Domestic oil prices in recent years has risen ten times, and during international oil prices go up and down , the current from a high of $ 80 per barrel fell more than 50 U.S. dollars , why do people up , we followed the oil price rise ; others fell , but not how we cut ? In order to control the price of oil available to the public within the affordable range , Christian Louboutin's refined oil pricing conduct of the government , but the price is much lower than the international market price of oil , which is the price upside in the current international crude oil prices relatively low case, our oil price is still upside down . Jiang Jiemin said to December 2006 , for example, domestic gasoline and diesel ex-factory price 5200 yuan per ton , respectively , and gucci belt 4570 yuan , while the Singapore gasoline and diesel ex-factory price per t equivalent to 5,509 yuan and 5,352 yuan , respectively, 309 yuan higher than the domestic and 782 yuan .

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