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Jordans 2019 Shoes new color to be released As the latest , the  Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight is already on the line, and will be officially released on September 26th next Thursday! As a new color scheme, the first class Air Jordan 1 not only uses a subversive punching leather to create a shoe body, but also many elements in the details make the player feel fresh. White with a bright yellow color, the black QR code of the heel has a strong contrast effect, people can not help but pull out the phone scan code! The details are extraordinarily rich, and MJ's autograph is also hidden.

New Jordan not only brings a versatile temperament in black orange dress As the latest new jet-jet product, but also makes a surprise when you look at the texture of the upper texture.Nike Air Foamposite Pro Knicks With calm black as the main color, with a blue outsole, the orange three-dimensional Swoosh is the highlight, gorgeous and not rushing. The foamed upper is not a traditional metal texture, but a leathery texture covered with delicate fine lines. The black collar also has a new experience, bringing a fine vision of the lychee skin, echoing the material of the upper.

2019 Cheap Jordan Among the many non-OG first year color schemes, the Shattered Backboard is a great "up-and-coming star"! The current theme has evolved to version 3.0, and Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" will be officially released on October 26, almost one month away from today. Unlike the previous two versions, after the white buckle and the black buckle, Jordan Brand is innovative and uses a new material to bring a visual refresh. Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 This new product is also known by Chinese players as "Lard Crushed" color because of its more lustrous effect. The leather upper with a combination of black and orange, shiny and finely textured is the protagonist of this time. Although the effect of still life shots is hard to name, the upper foot effect and far-sight effect of these shoes still inherit the fashion temperament of the crushing family, which is eye-catching and handsome!

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555088-170 Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight is Available Now