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Had the match is started buy madden 20 coins by the Manning brothers and run the simulator. Throughout the EA SPORTS BOWL at Miami, Peyton and Eli Manning published the prediction which claims the Kansas City Chiefs will conquer the San Francisco 49ers 35 -- 31. The Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, had an astonishing 392 passing yards and one interception. This functionality nets gives the Chiefs their first Superbowl win in years and Mahomes the Super MVP name. This achievement would have Mahomes breaking the most passing touchdowns in a single postseason.

Before, The Madden NFL Super Bowl predictions have had a good track record correctly calling Super Bowl winners and occasionally, as it happened with Super Bowl XLIX, the prediction was terrifying true calling the winning team, MVP, final score and even who would score the winning touchdown. "It was a fantastic experience to unveil the prediction. We'll see on Sunday, if the Chiefs will prove Madden right and take home that Super Bowl ring," explained Eli Manning. "I'm really looking forward to viewing the 49ers and Chiefs play with it out on Sunday. "I will be watching to see if Madden's forecast is perfect."

At the first quarter, the 49ers come out strong, optimistic and prepared to win, scoring the game's opening touchdown on a 16-yard run from new running back sensation Raheem Mostert and then Robbie Gould hammers a 41-yard area objective. The Chiefs got off at the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Chiefs come alive unleashing their strongest weapon -- the Patrick Mahomes that is unstoppable. Mahomes throws two touchdown passes to Damien Williams and Tyreek Hill to catch the lead for the Chiefs. The 49ers score a late touchdown -- using a 26-yard pass from Jimmy Garoppolo and refuse to back down.

Mahomes as well as the Chiefs refuse to remain silent mut coins cheap in the second half, with Damien Williams and Travis Kelce scoring another set of touchdowns.

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Had the match is started buy madden 20 coins by