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Your  Large Garden Pots will do best kept in the sun, but keep the water levels topped up, as they won't appreciate drying out at all.

In the winter, the plants will go into dormancy and won't need quite so much water, and often the weather alone takes care of things, but if you just keep them topped up they'll be perfectly happy.

When the spring comes, it's a good idea to turf out the whole lot and re-pot the plants using fresh compost.

Any plants that have got too big for the pot can be divided up and planted somewhere else.

So, there you are, not a post graduate course in bog gardening, but hopefully you can see how even total beginners can have a go at something bit different and get great results.

Salena J Newport does not profess to be an expert on gardening. What Salena is however is a person that likes to try new things.

However, before giving them a try she does a lot of research to make sure that she knows how to do them properly.

That's where gardening comes in. Salena has a large garden and in order to create the best results possible, she researches and then put plans into action.

The gardening articles written by Salena are intended to provide simple, straight forward and non-technical, but nonetheless complete hints and tips to help other new starters get the most out of their new Aluminium Greenhouse hobby. After all, we all need to start somewhere!

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Your Large Garden Pots will do best kept
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Your Large Garden Pots will do best kept