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The value of a sound architecture is evident in many ways. Essentially, mobile app architecture keeps the development processrunning smoothly and efficiently.

Architecture Supports Communication. Android app Development Seattle Think of mobile app architecture as a blueprint for the entire mobile app system. Architecture is indispensable for the understanding, negotiation, and communication between all stakeholders. A clear plan for how the entire system will work simplifies the decision-making process.

Deliver High Quality at Lower Cost


Mobile app architecture is built to change. A secure architecture is built to support the evolving needs of a mobile app optimally. Overlooking mobile app architecture can cause additional requirements and damage the entire structure of the application resulting in a redesign to accommodate the additional scope and when project scope increases so does the timeline and price tag. When you’re developing a new mobile app, you need to consider long-term value over short-term cost and effort.

Plans for Code Reuse


Developing identical features more than once is costly and wasteful. On the other hand, reusing code speeds up your time-to-market and decreases the risk of unwanted behavior and failures since testing the reused code and libraries is complete. A stable architecture creates an efficient and consistent development lifecycle by accounting for which components can be reused between projects.

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While mobile app architecture is invisible to end users, it’s one of the most important aspects of app development. Here’s what Roberto Galeano has to say about working as a Mobile App Architect at Clearbridge Mobile.

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Why is Mobile App Architecture Important in Development?