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Three decades ago, dance club DJs Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles starting spinning a new breed of disco music built from bass and drum machines. They played these hypnotic electronic records by producers like Jessie Saunders and Mr. Fingers at the Warehouse nightclub. Thus, "house" music was born.

Today, the Warehouse is long gone from Jefferson Street. That area of the West Loop is better known for its art galleries and cutting-edge restaurants (though the Mid keeps EDM thriving in the 'hood). Point is, Chicago invented this whole house music thing. We know how to get down. There are dance parties at clubs and bars across the city, offering everything from hip-hop to country. These ten are our favorite spots for a sweaty night of dancing.

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MaxBar, Chicago, United States
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  • Start time - 18:00
  • End time - 23:00
  • Duration -  not specified
  • Occurs - Weekly, every 4 week(s) on Sunday, Saturday
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  • Start date - 2015-04-19
  • End Date - End after 10 occurrence
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