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To no one’s surprise, Apple unveiled their next mobile operating system – iOS 12. This year’s emphasis is on speed and performance, specifically, extending performance capabilities to Apple’s older devices from 2013, like iPhone 5S. IOS App Development in Houston In his opening address, Craig Federghi, Apple’s VP of Software Engineering, announced that the deepest focus for iOS 12 is optimizing the system when it’s under load. On older devices, iOS 12 offers a few key improvements to several common device operations.


•             Apps launch 40% faster.

•             Keyboard displayed 50% faster.

•             Access camera 70% faster.

•             At WWDC 2018, the push for Apple to remain the most powerful platform for augmented reality was clear. Apple’s goal for AR is to extend the benefits of the technology across the entire iOS system. In collaboration with Pixar, Apple created a new file format for AR: USDZ.


•             USDZ is a compact, single-format file which is optimized for sharing while retaining stunning 3D graphics and animations. With USDZ, AR can be used across the whole iOS system from the Files app to Messages, Mail, and Safari.


•             For developers and designers, Adobe Creative Cloud offers full native support for USDZ, so creatives can continue to use the programs they know and love to deliver AR experiences. It’s now possible to bring any design asset from Creative Cloud into a native AR environment, creating a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” editor.

•             Over a trillion photographs are captured and shared on iPhone each year. At WWDC this year, Photos gets additional sharing capabilities. Users can build private, encrypted libraries which they can share with other Photos users.


•             iOS 12 offers users an additional interface in photos called For You. Essentially, For You collects photo memories, displays feature photos, makes effect suggestions and highlights a user’s shared album activity. For You also makes sharing suggestions. For example, if you take photos at a particular event, face recognition technology identifies what people are in the photos and For Youwill send a suggestion notification to share the photos with those people.

•             Messages & Group FaceTime 

•             There is little to be said about the new additions to iPhone Messages. Animoji adds four new critters to the line-up: koala, tiger, t-rex, and ghost. Also, Apple has added Memoji, which essentially capitalizes on Snapchat’s Bitmoji concept, but makes the avatars interactive.

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WWDC 2018: What’s Next for Mobile App Development?