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To give a little more volume to your bun down texturize the locks. Then air the knots while keeping the natural effect. Finally, accessorise the hairstyle by smoothing the front part to bring a shine effect. Similarly, come smooth on the coast by giving a shape. Here, thanks to the advice of Ludovic Borget, you managed to create a new hairstyle in just a few gestures. https://www.lacewigsbuy.co.uk/category-1-b0-Full-Lace-Wigs-Human-Hair.html In addition to being very trendy, the bangs have the advantage of camouflaging the small defects of the face and subtly transforming its contours. If you have a round face, like Dakota Johnson, Gigi Hadid or Kristina Bazan, go for a fringe at the straight line to create a contrast. If you want to camouflage your crow's feet and fine lines from the forehead, crack for a longer bang on the sides of the face that follows the line of the cheekbones. To inspire yourself, take a look at the full lace wigs uk hairstyles of Sophie Marceau and Caroline de Maigret.

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Then air the knots while keeping the natural effect