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The Radiant Energy Blade and Soul Revolution gold market from last week was changed due to this system getting implemented. The Radiant Energy market is constantly receiving upgrades and tweaks, and during the sensitive nature of this kind of item, some changes which are created can get changed once more if the players find them overly severe. Considering that the participant feedback concerning the Radiant Energy market is quite intense, some alterations are made.

First of all, Today's Specials sales are locked in weeks ahead of time. The other thing is the change of a Radiant Energy into 10 gold, a shift which should prevent a horrible influx of Gem Powders 1 Hongmoon Gem Powder. Butthis also means that some players spent a lot of gold due to this change, so your settlement is 5 additional gold per each Antique turn-in plus a 7 times Premium Membership that exchanges a Radiant Energy through the 10/18 to 11/1 period.What are the thoughts on the new system? Is this compensation sufficient for Blade & Soul players who spent a great deal of gold?

Yesterday, Korean programmers from NCsoft released a small video about strategies for the evolution of the mmo-project Blade and Soul, the most interesting of the full movie, is the concept of"advanced" classes and the introduction of the following new class.As can be seen in the recent information about the transfer of the sport into the new Unreal Engine 4, the developers chose to take up the development of the game thoroughly.And below, let us take a closer look at what we managed to find out through the translation of this video itself, but keep in mind that before the update is released, some of the points below will change drastically.If I understood properly, then below the gorgeous name"extended" courses, the programmers probably had in mind some sort of subclasses, I could draw such a conclusion on the illustration of the way that they explain the progression of the warlock.

Initially, warlocks are personalities who can skillfully BNS Revolution gold manipulate space and dark magic, this new strategy will expand this very concept and turn it into a warlock of distortions.He will be able to literally break the matter of space so as to transfer himself a very long distance ahead, increase the power of attraction because of his enemies, or just change the distance around a individual in order to reduce all of his strikes to zero.On the flip side, there will be some kind of warlock specialization, which will completely disclose the capacity of darkness and allow it, even as I understand it, to turn into a full-scale afliq warlock (I could use the term doter, but they would not understand me

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The Radiant Energy Blade and Soul Revolution gold market