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What’s odd about the statement is how it begins by talking about how well
Star Wars: The Old Republic is doing. Thanks to its “very enthusiastic
and growing player community,” EA and BioWare plan to deliver “new
story-driven game updates” in the coming year. That stands in contrast to
the four shuttered games, which “are not as popular as they once were.”
It feels like your parents saying, “Well, your brother went off to
college, what are you doing with your life?”
The reason many SWTOR players are against a higher level cap is because
the game hasn’t been out as long as most MMOs that add additional levels
of content. they cant  Buy SWTOR Credits There’s also the fact that increased level caps are generally
seen only during expansions, and so far, there hasn’t been word on
whether or not this content is actually an expansion, or just a series of
game updates planned in the following year. Here are some thoughts,
straight from the community forum discussions found here and here

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Thanks to its “very enthusiastic and growing player community,