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Enabling cross play between PC and OSRS gold mobile (and laying groundwork for additional stage growth if that is the direction we pick ) has been a huge undertaking. Desktop remains our main development platform, but acquiring RuneScape right on mobile has been a priority for the group over the past few years. We cannot wait to see runescape players enjoying RuneScape on their phones after our Early Access launch on Android past week. Your comments will be crucial, therefore please reach out and tell us what you think!

And before you ask, we definitely haven't forgotten about iOS runescape players. Work continues in the background and we dedicated to putting it in your hands when we can. We ought to have more news in the new year -- we request a little more patience.At RuneFestwe showcased several Core Experience prototypes currently being analyzed including loading enhancements, new manufacturing systems, new stencilling and shape tech that produces densely built areas easier to navigate and large changes to the motion system.

As a result of hugely positive reception, we have tracked some of this work and expect to release the first of these innovations, smoother runescape player movement, in the forthcoming weeks. Beyond this, there will be significant upgrades in 2020 with ongoing expansion and improvements to the variations of NXT on all platforms.Since 2016, RuneScape has been living a dual life. Most runescape players utilizing the newer NXT client whilst just a few have stuck with Java. A lot of effort has gone into creating NXT operate on machines, and we at the area where it the best option for runescape players.

So, we've made the choice to shift our attention to the NXT version of RuneScape and also to close all play and access via the Java client. We'll spend the coming weeks supporting those directly impacted by this transition and troubleshooting issues with the neighborhood. The precise final date remains TBC, but we anticipate this to happen by the end of 2019. The Java client is employed by fewer than 4 percent of runescape players. Typically, we can see these runescape players tried NXT ago when it introduced in hit problems and have never attempted since.

We are far more confident that the majority should be able to jump over to NXT with no difficulty at all. For the few of runescape players who have much older machines or buy RuneScape gold are still running dated versions of Windows and still encounter difficulties, you can find information and contact us if desired from the Technical help section of the Support centre.Together we can make this transition as smooth as possible. We honestly believe that the change into NXT just is a huge opportunity for RuneScape and its own runescape players.

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