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On my crossbow class The Division 2 Boosting I had. Whatsoever. It had been disorienting I had to stop using it even though it was a weapon that is great. I am getting the glitch in which my turret doesn't fire during a fantastic part of its deploys. I'm not a fan of turning so many abilities into"busy" items, manually aiming the sniper turret, manually


detonating a seeker bomb, then manually telling a drone in which to fall explosives. There is just too much happening in battle to manage all of this stuff and I am not sure what's so wrong with seeker mines that actually seek enemies or a turret that snipes in people it needs (I am not sure I actually hit anyone with this particular


thing).I'm not if this all sounds like I am complaining about difficulty. I meanI conquer the Invaded assignment, we bumbled through it chipping armor down with attention fire once we could and finally but not really through any use of tactics, just hiding at the rear of chambers. I believe we wiped a grand total of once. But was it


interesting? Not...especially. I don't understand, I guess The Division 2 Credits things aren't that different from Your Division 1, a game I enjoyed a whole lot, but some of the tuning appears to have been in the wrong direction (camouflage enemies) and in a genre that is all about power dream, it is weird to be in endgame content and also feel as a weak little

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The Division 2 Credits, NEW YORK, Afghanistan
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On my crossbow class The Division 2 Boosting I