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Just because it might cost Albion online silver alot does not mean that they don't want you to do it. I bet if a gm needed to tell the truth he'd be like"I do not care if some idiot goes bankrupt attempting to be the ideal. More money for me " Beside that it is rather easy to get to 100 fame should you concentrate one thing then you have to practice gvg


constantly and therefore are gonna want that super expensive 8.3 teir armor and though you're able to farm for silver wouldn't it be a lot easier to buy it using real money.i was only 8 level's away from being able to utilize teir 8 axe's too as teir 8 leather"jacket" and after maxing I would have been able to continue grinding celebrity at the price of some of those silver I can pick up during celebrity farm's. Also had almost everything in the combat at teir 4 at least. Could use any teir 6 armor and was t7 dagger's from when I was new to Albion online. Took me just 2 month to do.


It is possible to buy tomes of electricity ( fame ). I performed Albion all the way until tomes of power were employed as they affirmed Albion online went complete pay to win. It was a really good game in theory but failed because of greedy game design.I play it while listening to podcasts sometimes... But I feel sorry for the hardcore


gamblers and also the soul-stealing devs. "Earning fame buy Albion online gold is harder?" Albion online is produced to make you spend a lot of time playing, because it is an instanced MMO with very little content beyond random tech trees. Also, you can pay money to make most in-game processes go faster, so if you are saying spending time is a game mechanic, paying to make that happen sooner is by definition"cover to acquire". Granted, it is not egregious, but the p2w mechanic is there... Perhaps you play it too far to be objective.

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Just because it might cost Albion online silver alot