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I enjoy the look Maplestory M Mesos off this mode a lot. I'm more of one player grinder and play a lot of DD. I really enjoy the fact that there are more modes to play, like March to October and Moments, and you also get DD rewards though these additional modes. More options and variety. I enjoy it. This March to October mode looks very intriguing, not needing to play full games and just playing crucial minutes is nice, and that you would play all the post-season games is crucial too. Only a nice abbreviated way to perform crucial moments and undergo a season rather fast. Love it. I'm considering playing this mode with many different teams if it is as great as it seems.


I'm a fan of you Koogs and cannot await the new sport to fall in a bit under a month but who cares what the game looks like I just need a match where MLB The Show 19 play is tight and grinding and crappy packs aren't the standard about MLB The Show 19. Do not get me wrong I know there'll be some grinding and that's fine but


last season it was grind all the time and the insult to injury was the fact that the packs for the most part weren't excellent too.Every MLB player stands out Bryce is no exception. That is the reason why the NBA is the best league in sports they players do not sell out some take a pay cut to group up with other celebrities. I mean anyone would be dumb to not sign a deal similar to this but mark my words 4-6 years from now Bryce is going to be a title of the past.


The contract to extended 13 yrs, you're gont be spending MaplestoryM Mesos this guy 25 mil until he is 40. Just how many of those year's he gonna give you what you paying him for. They gave him a big deal then he just kept striking out. Hopefully the money do not get to him.I think the cover seems weird since he is not in an action pose. Thought that the 18 cover looks weird for the same reason.The cover appears clearly photoshopped. They should have waited and until he signed with a team and then got live photographs of Bryce from the new uniform, even if they wanted him in his new uniform.

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I enjoy the look Maplestory M Mesos off this