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Google is a multinational technology company that serves its users top-grade internet-related services. It provides an easy approach for the users to contact a Google Support Live Person in case of any service related query with Google Products like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google News,Google business page,Google Voice...!

If you have a query on how to talk to a Live Person at Google Support then you can read along to get a quality result for your query.

How to navigate Google customer Service phone menus to a live person
User can easily get in touch with a Google live person by opting the following steps to navigate:

Once the user dials the phone number, it will ask to select among the options. If you need any assistance related to music, apps and downloads then press 1.
In case of contacting the technical support, Google asks to press 2
It will ask to press 3, in case of checking the recent orders.
If the user has any questions regarding buying, it will ask to press 4.

It will ask to press 5, for more options.
If a user opts the option and presses 5, then the next procedure also appears with a new menu that can be enlisted as:

  • The users require Nest support then they need to press 1.
  • In order to deal with an issue Gmail account and related services, it is required to press2.
  • If the user wants to get back to the main menu then he/she need to press 3.
  • In case, the user is not sure then it can be expressed by pressing 4.
  • Once, the option of the user is specified after pressing the corresponding button, the user will be connected to a live person with the help of Customer support system and the Google service related issue can be discussed and then resolved.

Alternatively, users can also get in touch with Google customer service using the following means:
Users are provided with the contact number for Google suite in the United States that provides Google Support. Also, Google presents the customers with a support number in the United States for Google Adwords.
Additionally, the customer service is facilitated with a phone number for Google Products.


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How Do You Talk to Live Person At Google