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Personally, I believe this is the best thought Jagex have had in RuneScape gold a very long time. Hopefully these leagues will even help bring out some more updates to areas like Zeah, which are notorious for being too large without enough material (though they have expanded on it quite well since Kebos).

It is PERFECTLY fine if they take pages from great features from other games with an OSRS twist. Personally, Im quite eager to play with this and I dont actually care about the benefits! This is the sort of game mode I didnt know I needed but now I can't wait!! I got back into osrs when I saw swampletics at incident 3. I've seen a number of people say similar items in remarks on this subreddit too. I see this as jagex trying to make that experience for the average runescape participant with a good quality of life and additional goals which is a great thing imo.

This seems great for a first league. It would be amazing to observe some speedrunning categories included later on though, for example fastest to complete a solo raid, fastest to strike certain overall levels or ability objectives, or perhaps pursuit runs, all predicated on time logged in such as King of the ability has been. Speedrunning classes could function amazingly for osrs with some tweaked drop rates to eliminate a number of the significant rng issues inherent to speedrunning stuff on osrs.Has there been any discussion of this type of stuff for future leagues?

It essentially generates ultra rares that could be worth absurd quantities, and if they give up on leagues, there will be a limited amount of these at the runescape game forever.They'll likely just integrate the rewards to a few other minigames or some thing.

This is my concern. It must come out with much more than I put in go if I am using a different account to perform this. I could realistically produce a rune monster alt and earn instead of the manner. Is it fun? Probably not. We are going to see how the relics include up/play out cheap OSRS gold and how the rewards do.These aren't a bucket list of jobs where you need to complete everything these are a list! We need a range of jobs that are impossible for one person to finish all of them so you have another goal to work towards.

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