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Fair assessment buy DKO Florins I love the game because of nostalgia and because I'm a huge dc fan, frankly I can't see why people who play with it only for it's gameplay continue to perform with it. However I'll say that should they launch a DC Universe Online 2 with next gen graphics or perform a significant grapics update and ACTUALLY bother to balance the game then it definitely has the potential to be the greatest game ever uncontested. ?


It was a fantastic travel from 2011 to 2017. Well, not all of it was great. So, I would say from 2011 to 2015 LOL. It's time for me to move on, which I did, beginning on January 2018 (watch"Strategies for 2018" video to find out exactly what I mean). I made many new friends along the way and overall it was a fantastic experience. If you are still playing DC Universe Online or you are gonna keep on playing DC Universe Online, I wanna say is, May God give you sufficient strength and courage to never invest a penny on this game. :p Happy Gaming.


Comparing DC Universe Online into a match like Crysis, the graphics game each made at its time, is a bit disingenuous. Comparing it to City of Heroes that was still active at the time could be fair. Updated graphics has happened in some areas if you look at the textures for some of the newer styles which come out to not mention the powers. Also, I don't understand why the motor is constantly harped on by everyone. DC Universe Online is currently running with Unreal4 coming out. Replacing a game isn't simple and you are better off making a new match.


Been hearing for such a long time. Lol Demanding maps DKO Florins that are brand new in every DLC doesn't fit with lots of the stories. Themyscira Fortress of Solitude, Gotham, these are locations. Would they change into the game? Now, if you are making the argument of"ugh, we must visit Themyscira again within another DLC after having to go there 2-3 DLCs before, I can understand that entirely, but demanding a new map of it takes away from the immersion.

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Fair assessment buy DKO Florins I love