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Factions battle with Division 2 Boosting each other for funds. Control points sprinkled throughout Washington, D.C., trigger new activities. This constant tug of war ideally would create a universe of unexpected battles which make the game less monotonous. Another big change comes in the end game, which presents the Dark Tusks. This the uber faction of the game. They are technologically progress and they invade the key missions and different areas of the world.


Gerighty said the Tusks"provides replayabliity and gives you new reasons to unlock specialization and signature weapons." The tougher enemies provide incentive to return and replay quests which players completed in the past. Meanwhile, the new faction creates demanding challenges even for experienced veterans.I had a chance to go against the Tusks firsthand with a squad of four. We took on some of the content in two missions. One was at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the second was a federal emergency bunker in the prior century.


Each team member had once players hit level 30, specialty that unlocks. The grenade launcher assists with murdering enemies while the crossbows hit standing effects against enemies in pay. Even the sniper rifles do significant damage.Similar to the previous games players do not need to be pigeonholed to a certain class. Players can act as a tank provided they have the armor and weapons that are good at absorbing damage. Damage traders snipe away and can still sit at the back. To use these weapons, players need to kill enemies and pick up.


Jumping in contrary to the Black Tusks was tough The Division 2 Boosting Because they're technology advanced, they have access to a powerful weapons including the specialization gear that players have. They assault with four-legged tank bots that deal tons of damage and are difficult to deal with and drones. Playing through the space and atmosphere museum the terrain became more significant than usual. During the mission, my group was shot up at a small contained area from a flows of enemies. It was made a fight dealing with enemies and drone dogs dangling from the floor level and over by the closeness.

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Factions battle with Division 2 Boosting each