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A lot of the central flag The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold catch mechanisms, or we are gonna see in Team Death Match, which is among our game modes. We're gonna find teams kind of desire to hold that special platform because you are able to see the whole map from it. Today we have a third map called Foyada Quarry, which can be more, just open open area, where you sort of leap and you're inside and there is not a great deal of line sight walkers, there is not a great deal of columns, however it's essentially a platform at the very center that is on top of lava.


That means you can knock people into the lava, then you can pull them into the lava, and what not. One is open, one's more spacious with tight hallway ways. Then another one is more just, there's this central, clear central, best place to go. That's how we are going to focus people to go into those spaces. How is the Warden Class changing the dynamic? It is gonna be a wild card for everybody.


It will be because it is unknown. They've, much like a lot of our other classes, they have a damage lineup, which can be more the creature companion material. They have more of a protective ice creature's type line, which is more Tanki, then they had a healing line, which is more concentrated on nature magics and blossoms and that kind of stuff.


So those are the type of things we must consider and how it's ESO Blades Items gont perform on the maps. I believe what we're gonna see when we put into real live players playing this, they're gonna go nuts over how powerful it feels in small group drama with. And then they're probably gont inform us that they are maybe not quite as good as say a dragon knight that's a tank or perhaps not quite as good as a healer as a templar but it's all gonna balance out.

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A lot of the central flag The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold catch