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Canon is a leading brand in producing printers in the world. Be it any device Mac or Windows you will have to install the canon printer driver to use it or a software that would support in doing so will also be fine. Although Apple demands a few hassle installations which mostly frustrates people around but yet it is loved by many users in a lot of ways. Moreover, the Canon printers come with an installation manual where you can easily find the steps explained in not just writing but also with pictures but sometimes it still is difficult for people to understand them.  


As I said earlier, it is easy to do the set-up but if you are unable to go through then you can always contact an expert using the Canon Printer Customer Care Number. But before you do so, here are 6 easy steps that you can try out to install the driver on your Mac:


  • Firstly load your printer with paper and fill the cartridge with ink. Now connect the USB cable to power the printer.
  • Later to this just set the preference on your Mac.
  • Now hit the icon that reads “Printers and scanners”. This will open a list where you will have to tap on the name of your printer to add it. Once done, your set-up will be completed.
  • Now select the default tab in the window you just added.
  • Now once done with this your Mac will remember the printer and completed the matching process.
  • Now once you are through with all the above steps you will have to do just one single step and that’s clicking on the add button. As soon as you finish this your installation process will be completed.


So these are some simple steps that will help you in installing your printer to your Mac. If at any step you face difficulty and have no clue how to go through with it, all you need to do is give a ring on the Canon Printer Tech Support and there will be an expert ready for your help 24*7.


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6 Easy Steps to Install Canon Printer Driver on Mac