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The development of science and technology led to the development of intelligent devices, especially on smart phones, smart phones versatility brings us many benefits, people use mobile phones can realize game entertainment, GPS navigation and other functions. But it also brings us some small problems, such as cell phone data security, noise nuisance and so on. To solve these small problems, you need to use a cell phone jammer.

A coffee terrace, now. The jammer is on the table. At three metres, a traveller details her treatment in Paris on the phone. A new fiasco. Jean-francois's entry into the crime was a powerful relay of the "montparnasse building".The authorization of cell phones is compatible with criminal policy. Therefore, the political debate involving the attorney general is necessary. It will also provide opportunities to raise public awareness of the conditions of French detention.

Prisoners may use fixed telephone booths, especially restricted use of controlled Numbers, and the prison service is listening to the dialogue. However, the opinion of the then director, jean-marie Delarue, on January 10, 2011, highlighted the main difficulties of using landlines in prisons.In fact, the well-being of detainees must not forget the need for safety will be recorded and spread mechanism, personnel, or other prisoners image ability weakened, also with difficulty through BBS or site control way to send and receive message.

Some people are only cautious when they hang up quickly. In the labyrinth of the station, montparnasse made a new attempt. A young woman seemed to have told her interlocutor part of her whole life. The case is operational, but it does not disturb the unknown. "We have to wait for the tide to reach its target."To demonstrate the effectiveness of the portable signal jammer, jean-francois has arranged an appointment on a Paris metro platform. He walked up and down, put his hand in his coat pocket, ready to activate the mechanism, if someone was talking on the phone. But on this platform, there are fewer unrepentant talkers than he imagines.

On the one hand, the location of the phone booth cannot guarantee the confidentiality of other prisoners and prison staff. Respect for privacy and the confidentiality of the communication between the lawyer and his client have become invalid due to the free positioning of the cabin in the yard or in the corridors of the hospital. Touch a lot of ears. Council of state in the judgment on July 23, 2014, the judge in Chambers command on April 23, Ryan administrative court has ordered the prison authorities in 2014, take measures to ensure that Ryan Vezin phone prisoners and what are their lawyer made the confidentiality of the prison in their case, or in connection with their families, when they prove that do not need to be listening. However, the order of the origin of the sentence was specifically based on article 8 of the European convention on human rights, guaranteeing respect for private and family life and communications.



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