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long-distance parneting

Are you out of town but still worried about your teens? Well, it is a fact that parents should not stay far away for a long time as the grooming kids need more attention. They often make sleepover plans with their peers in the absence of their parents and also go on different adventures. But technology has introduced best spy apps for android that help parents to monitor their kids remotely. You are going to a meeting or visiting your relative? No worries.

In this article, we will discuss how Android Spy App helps long-distance parenting.

1 – Hear the Surrounding Sound & Discover What Their Kids Talk about:

After installation of the app, parents can track the child's phone without giving him/her a clue. While staying away from home, parents can hear the discussions or if they are going to a party. It will let them hear in which environment they are sitting and who their friends are.

2 – Track Location – Receive Whereabouts Alerts:

Many spy apps for android provide location-based services. Downloading the tool in the target phone will empower the parents to check the current-location with remote access. The end-user can set the safe or unsafe zones (Geo-fencing), and the app will send the notification to the end-user if the kid enters or leaves the place. If you are gone from home, you can still learn if your child is home or not.

3 – Capture Screen & Find out What Teens Watch in Parents Absence

Indeed, teens are the most common viewers of inappropriate content online. When parents are not home, their kids get a chance to search for adult content. But using the android spy app, parents can get screenshots of the target devices and watch what their kids are searching for.

4 – Explore What Apps They Have Installed

Being away from your kids is itself stressful, but you can go with digital parenting. Android spy software enables the parents to manage apps on the target mobile. Advanced features let the end-user uninstall the apps remotely. Parents can also set permission to buy an app from the end-server.

5 – Social Media Access

Where our teens spend most of the time? Well, it's social networking sites. 71% of Grooming kids are active on social media, reportedly. It might be possible that they have some plan for meeting with online friends or strangers in person? Well, it is a nightmare. Parents can access their social media profiles by using the android spy app and read the chats. 

Is It Affordable to Buy Spy App for Long-Distance Parenting?

Well, it depends on what source you choose to avail of tracking services. TheWiSpy is the rising name in the spy app market and delivers its efficient spy services at cheap rates


Basic Version: 1 Month License $19.99

Starter Package: 15 Days License $6.99

Ultimate Version: 1 Month License $29.99

How Does TWS Work?

If you are worried that tracking kids can cause a trust issue, then never let such thoughts disturb you. TheWiSpy works under stealth mode. After installation, it will disappear and work in the background. Such an app collects the data secretly and sends it to the end-server efficiently.

Wrapping Up

Long-distance parenting has become possible with the android spy app. All you need is to install the app, and the next step is to start monitoring your child's phone. Never forget that teens are most vulnerable to online threats, and you could not leave them alone in the digital world. Using such tools, parents can still watch their screen remotely and can travel anywhere without any worry.

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Maria Thomas
Author / Blogger
06.01.2021 (13 Days Ago)
United States
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Long-Distance Parenting - Monitor your Children Remotely