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Composite geomembrane is a kind of geomembrane material, which has a good anti-seepage effect. On the one hand, the composite geomembrane laid in the subgrade slope needs anti-seepage treatment, with its connection to form a whole slope anti-seepage body, lower and vertical anti-seepage toe wall composite geomembrane laid, on the other hand, the slope of the connection, the composite geomembrane cutoff wall and toe constitute a whole, in addition, the composite geomembrane, the upper connection shoulder beam, so that the dyke foundation of the vertical cutoff wall, composite geomembrane slope, the top cap of the concrete cutoff system of a fully closed.

First of all, in the process of composite geotextile construction, it should be noted that the distance between the composite geomembrane and the surrounding of the construction environment should be consistent, and there should not be too much space. The composite geomembrane should also be connected closely, so as to facilitate the impervious function of the composite geomembrane.In the construction of time to pay attention to the foundation above the sand and other impurities are clean, because the existence of impurities will largely affect the impervious effect of composite geomembrane, composite geomembrane in laying time anchorage must be done.

How to use composite geomembrane the most scientific? Geomembrane Liner Fabrication is a new impervious material, because of its super-strong anti-seepage ability and anti-aging ability, the composite geomembrane is widely used in all pools, artificial lake bottom dam and other places that require anti-seepage and anti-leakage operations, but there are still many people do not know how to use the composite geomembrane reasonably.

Although the composite geomembrane has a strong effect on anti-seepage and anti-leakage, it is not unlimited to use everywhere. Under acidic conditions, the composite geomembrane is difficult to reflect its effect. Generally, the HDPE geomembrane will shorten the life span, cause cracking and hardening of the membrane layer under the long-term acidic corrosion.HDPE anti-seepage membrane, a kind of anti-seepage material separated by membrane, can be used in acid-alkali corrosive reservoir with excellent effects. Different from composite geotextile membrane, it can be used in waste landfill, sewage treatment pool, aquaculture industry, etc., and has been recognized in China and selected by major design institutes.

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Application of composite geomembrane